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Same-Day Service with E4D Crowns

Everyone wants the convenience of same-day service. With E4D same-day crowns, you get the benefits of all-ceramic crowns combined with convenience in just one visit.

Casey Dental makes your E4D same-day crowns using computer and laser imaging technology. We simply scan your teeth using a laser, creating an image that is sent to a milling unit in the next room. The in-house milling unit creates a porcelain crown that blends with the surrounding teeth.

Same-Day Service with E4D Crowns

Benefits of Same Day Crowns With the E4D Machine:

  • Convenience, saving time, design perfection, and the accuracy of the fit.
  • Only one appointment necessary.
  • Casey Dental will magnify the scan of the prep, and verify the exact accuracy of the margin of the crown, resulting in the best quality final product.
  • Each crown is individuality designed to match the rest of patient’s teeth.