Teeth Whitening

Whitening Strips… Sheer White Whitening Strips!

The Sheer White teeth whitening program is an innovative design, using thin flexible films coated with 20% carbamide peroxide gel. These films are easier to apply to your teeth without missing patches and to make sure you whiten your entire smile during the treatment. The films fit firmly to the teeth, not only ensuring that you get good coverage, but also preventing an unpleasant experience of chemical leakage into your mouth. The films are much more comfortable and discreet than the usual strips that are used and should not affect your speech. You can wear them during the day or at night, if you prefer.

Advantages of Sheer White Tooth Whitening strips:

  • Sheer White is less expensive than other bleaching strips.
  • The bleach on the Sheer White strips is stronger than other bleaching strips, which is why you can’t buy it in stores. (It can only be sold by dentists)
  • Tastes better
  • The Sheer White strips fit and adhere better to teeth than other bleaching strips.
  • There have been no reports of sensitivity like with other bleaching systems.
  • It works faster. Treatments only last 5 days vs. 10 days with other tooth bleaching methods.
  • The Sheer White system is versatile. You can bleach for 1-2 hours during your day or overnight.
Sheer White Tooth Whitening strips

In-Office Whitening….

KOR Whitening Deep Bleaching System

Casey Dental uses a deep-bleaching whitening method known as KöR Whitening System. This bleaching process will provide you with drastically brighter and better-looking teeth in just under two weeks.

The KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System works by restoring your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen. The oxygen from its whitening gel is absorbed deeply into the tooth, dissolving stain molecules.

First, we’ll make molds of your teeth so you can have your own unique, ultra-comfortable KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching Trays. Then you’ll have a simple visit in the dental office, followed by wearing KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching Trays for two weeks at home while you sleep. The KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System is completed with a final visit in the dental office.

Also included in this treatment are 2 large syringes of bleach to take home and custom trays to “touch-up” teeth after initial bleaching and in the future.

KoR contains 22% carbamide peroxide meant for powerful, night-time, stain fighting effects.

Discover how much the KöR Deep Bleaching Whitening System can brighten and enhance your teeth by contacting Casey Dental today.

Take-home Whitening and Touch- up Whitening….

If you prefer a take-home smile whitening option, we offer Opalescence. Powerful, prescription-strength Opalescence Take Home Whitening Gels are available in varying strengths depending on your dental needs. Opalescence Take Home Whitening Gels can provide results after just one night, although results may vary and can take up to a week before you experience noticeable changes. Call or visit us to order additional whitening gel as needed.


The fee includes 4 syringes to be used either day or night, depending on the amount of carbamide peroxide within the syringe.

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