Wilkes Barre Dental Implants

Wilkes Barre Dental Implants

Losing teeth as an adult isn’t as great as it is in childhood. If only we got paid to lose teeth. In all seriousness though, you may think losing a tooth is a problem. It can be a problem for sure. Fortunately, in Wilkes Barre, dental implants are a great long-lasting solution to fix your smile up. Let’s learn some more about Dental Implants.

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What Types of Dental Implants in Wilkes Barre are Available?

Endosteal Implants

For patients that have a strong and healthy jawbone, they may want to consider endosteal implants. These implants are the most commonly used type of implants. Additionally, the jawbone acts as a quality support post that the tooth can be fused onto.

The implants are fashioned in the shape of screws so that false teeth can simply be fit on top of them. The jaw will then spend a slight bit of time healing to create a strong base with the implant through fusing. Specially crafted false teeth will then be delicately placed onto the post giving you the smile you desire. However, some people aren’t thrilled about a screw being placed in the jawbone. If that’s the case try looking into subperiosteal implants.

Subperiosteal Implants

Whereas the endosteal implants are fitted on patients with good jawbones, subperiosteal implants are the perfect solution for those with less jawbone to work with. The implants are fitted in the area between the jawbone underneath the gum. Our dentist delicately puts a tiny metal frame underneath the gum so the attached post can be left to heal. After the gum heals, the customized false teeth are then placed onto the post.

Zygomatic Implants

In rare cases where you may not have enough jawbone & gums the handle endosteal or subperiosteal implants, there are still options. The Zygomatic implants are ways in which using the cheekbone, we’re able to implant teeth.

Why Choose Casey Dental for Dental Implants in Wilkes Barre?

At Casey Dental, we pride ourselves on being the area’s premier dental institution. At our massive facility located minutes from Wilkes-Barre, we offer all sorts of dental services under one roof. With experts in a variety of fields, the thing that unites us all as a team is our commitment to quality. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to get your smile where you’ve always wanted it to be.