Guided Implant Surgery

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Guided Dental Implant Surgery in Luzerne County, PA

What is guided dental implant surgery?

As with traditional implant surgery, an implant is placed directly into the jawbone, providing a secure foundation for a dental prosthetic. The difference is that with traditional implant surgery, the Implant  is placed based on the surgeon’s judgment. However, recent advancements have made it possible to place implants with much greater precision.

Guided dental implant surgery uses CT scans and 3D imaging to create a virtual model of the jawbone. This allows the surgeon to plan the placement of the implants more thoroughly, ensuring that they are placed in the optimal location for successful integration. Guided implant surgery tends to be less invasive and has a quicker recovery time.

Benefits of a Guided Dental Implant Procedure Over Traditional Implant Surgery

There are some key differences to consider when choosing an oral surgeon for dental implant placement:

  • Fewer office visits: Traditional implant surgery requires multiple visits to form a treatment plan, manufacture, fit, and insert the implants. The scans needed for guided implant surgery can be taken in one visit and mean that the patient does not have to be physically present as often for the surgical planning.
  • More accurate placement: Dentists who rely on outdated types of dental imaging and molds can’t accurately predict how the patient’s implant teeth will appear in their mouth and where the ideal position should be. Guided implant placement is more accurate and effective for the patient.
  • Less risk of complications: With traditional implant surgery, there is a greater chance of possible infection or discomfort from ill-fitting implants. Guided implant surgery is safer and has a greater success rate. 

Interested in Guided Implant Surgery?

Implants for Better Long-term Oral Health

Unlike dentures or bridges, which rest on the gums, dental implants surgically place a titanium root in the jawbone. This provides a strong foundation for dental crowns as a tooth replacement, which can help improve the function and appearance of your smile. In addition, dental implants can help to prevent bone loss in the jaw, which can occur when a natural tooth is missing.

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