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Dental Retainers in Luzerne County, PA

Dental retainers are crucial for maintaining straight and healthy teeth. They keep teeth in place following orthodontic treatment like Invisalign or metal braces and allow the bone that holds the teeth in place to recover.

If you are looking for high-quality dental retainers in Luzerne County area, contact our dentist at Casey Dental. Your healthy smile and comfort are our top priorities when you visit our office. We will gladly assist you with all your orthodontic needs and ensure that you receive the high-quality treatment you deserve.

What Are Dental Retainers?

A dental retainer is a device that keeps your teeth in place after orthodontic treatment by fitting over or behind your teeth. These devices are most commonly utilized after you straighten your teeth with braces or clear aligners.

Retainers are typically utilized in the last stages of orthodontic therapy. Once you finish braces or Invisalign, your teeth are still malleable and can shift back to their former positions. It is important to wear retainers for several years to maintain your new, straight smile.

Types of Retainers

Clear plastic, metal wire, or a combination can create dental retaining devices. Most retainers are removable, but some can be permanently fixed to the back of your teeth. Each dental retainer works slightly differently, yet they all serve the same function—keeping your teeth straight for many years!

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Who Needs Dental Retainers?

Anyone who has undergone orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth will need to wear retainers to maintain their results. After your braces are removed, your teeth will naturally shift back to their original position if a retainer doesn’t support them. Teeth can also shift as we get older or as wisdom teeth develop.

Although some people think that orthodontic treatment is complete once braces are removed, wearing retainers for the appropriate period is also part of the overall treatment process.

How Much do Retainers Cost in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania?

Dental retainers can cost anywhere from $100 to $500 per set. The cost can also depend on the type of retainer your dentist or orthodontist recommends. If you have dental insurance, your benefits may cover all or part of the cost of your retainers.

Here’s a general guide to how much different dental retainers cost.


Hawley Retainers

Hawley retainers are what most people think of when they think of retainers. They are the “traditional” retainers used after wearing metal braces. They are made of a combination of wire and plastic. 

Vivera Retainers

Vivera retainers are worn after Invisalign treatment and look much like the clear aligners used to straighten your teeth. Vivera retainers typically come in a set of multiples in case one set gets lost or damaged.


Essix Clear Retainers

Essix clear retainers are made from transparent plastic and are also removable. They are similar to Vivera retainers but aren’t quite as durable.

Permanent (Bonded) Retainers

Permanent retainers are made of wire and are permanently fixed behind the teeth. These are the least common type of retainer. 

At Casey Dental, we understand that you may feel apprehensive about ordering retainers after you just paid for your braces or Invisalign. Dental retainers are an excellent investment for protecting your smile after you’ve done all the work to straighten it out! And we never want financial concerns to be a barrier to your dental health.

Casey Dental offers a variety of payment options to meet your budget and will work with you to make your dreams of a permanently straighter smile a reality.

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How to Care for Your Retainers

You should follow your dentist’s or orthodontist’s instructions to properly care for your dental retainers and ensure that your smile stays in its new position. If cared for properly, your retainers will last a long time and won’t need frequent replacement.

To ensure that retainers are used effectively, you should take the following precautions:

  • Always follow your orthodontist’s instructions for wearing retainers. You may need to wear them continuously for a while and may switch to wearing them overnight after a while.
  • Don’t chew gum when wearing retainers, and don’t chew on the retainers themselves.
  • Take care when removing your retainers from your mouth. To do so, place both index fingers on the gum line and gently pull them down.
  • Store your retainers in a safe place where they won’t get lost or damaged. Always keep them in their designated case.
  • If the retainers become warped or damaged, contact our office immediately for a replacement set.

Contact Casey Dental for All Your Dental Needs in Luzerne County, PA

At Casey Dental, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of dental services in one location to keep your smile looking and feeling healthy. Every patient under our care is given special attention. For high-quality dental retainers in the Luzerne County area, contact Casey Dental today!

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